Version 1.0 | Last update: 11. November 2019

Bow Section


Bow section

3D printed parts

All STL files are already oriented for generating g-code with your favorite software. Check part list on the right side of this page for best printing results.

Amethyst AUV - Bow 3D Prints 1

1x - Main Bow part - A1_Ns1_1x_v1.stl
1x - Top - A1_Ns2_1x_v1.stl
1x - Instruments part 1 - A1_Ns3_1x_v1.stl
1x - Instruments part 2 - A1_Ns4_1x_v1.stl

Top, Instruments1, Instruments2 parts are intendet to make your own cuttouts for your sensors, cameras, instruments. Use 3D software of your chice (FreeCAD is free), import stl files and cut the mountings. 

You can also print out alternative versions when you want use ultrasonic rangefinders as echosounders:

Amethyst AUV - Bow 3D Prints 2

Ultrasonic sensor is visible mounted (black) in Ns4B part.

1x - Top B - A1_Ns2B_1x_v1.stl
1x - Instruments part 1B - A1_Ns3B_1x_v1.stl
1x - Instruments part 2B - A1_Ns4B_1x_v1.stl


Bow section

Assembly parts

Amethyst AUV Bow - Accessories

How manyTypeType note
2x M3x10 Stainless steel hex socket head cap screw
2x M3 bolt Stainless steel
4x M3 washer Stainless steel

 Amethyst AUV Epoxy Kit

1x Epoxy glue set - we use non fast curing, clear epoxy. Please check our eco guide before using this chemicals.



Bow section


Amethyst AUV Bow - Instruments

Insert Instrument2 (sense down adapter) part in to hole of main bow part, use washers, fasten screws. Then use epoxy and glue top part (sense forward adapter) to bow part. Notice mortise on Top part. This motise should complete circumferential circle for Instruments1 part as showed on picture.

Amethyst AUV Bow - Instruments 1

Epoxy Instrument1 (sense angle adapter) part to main bow.



Bow section

Ultrasonic sensors

Amethyst AUV Bow - Adapters for ultrasonics

You could use and assembly ready made parts for incorporating standart car type ultrasonic range finder sensors, wich are pretty comon to find at internet.

This section is assembled and ready, so let´s move further.