Version 1.0 | Last update: 11. November 2019

Central Section

Central section accommodate AUV´s electronic compartment sealed in acrylic tube, battery packs and various wet deployed sensors. Its not complex part but due its big dimensions it should by printed by parts and assembled using screws. Section has several openings in its body for accomodation of switches, antenas, ultrasonoic sensors, preasure sensors and other tools your imagination will bring up. It has also special opening just under acrylic tube possition, to be used as bottom observation hole for camera housed in acrylic tube. Section can be used to place boyancy weight if needed as well.



Central section

3D printed parts

All STL files are already oriented for generating g-code with your favorite software. Check part list on the right side of this page for best printing results.

Amethyst AUV Center - 3D parts 1

and this...

Amethyst AUV Center - 3D Parts 2



Central section

Assembly parts

Amethyst AUV Center - Accessories

How manyTypeType note
50x M3x10 Stainless steel hex socket head cap screw
100x M3 bolt Stainless steel
50x M3 washer Stainless steel


Central section


Before assembling of this section coate parts for their further water tightness. Please refer to chapter Coating of printed parts

Amethyst AUV Center - Bottom Parts

Prepare parts Cn1, Cn2 and Cn4 as showed on image above.

Amethyst AUV Center - Bottom Parts

Connect parts and fasten screws.

Amethyst AUV Center - Bottom Parts 3

Connect and fasten screws for parts Cn3, Cn5 and previously assemplet part.

Amethyst AUV Center - Bottom Parts 4

Connected parts should look like thist.

Amethyst AUV Center - Top Parts 1

Use parts Cn10 (5x), place and fasten them to 2 bottom and 3 top holes.

Amethyst AUV Center - Top Parts 2

Prepare top parts for assembly in this order.

Amethyst AUV Center - Top Parts 2

And this is how it should looks like when center part is assembled.


Central section


Top hatch (and bottom too can be customised (cutted in CAD sofware (FreeCAD)) to fit range of diferent instruments. You can modify and print as many top haches as you got diferent instruments and change them easily. Than you don't need to print whole section while you need change sensor for difrent kind of mission you need to acomplish. Simply change and screw down just this small part while rest of section stay as it is.