Version 1.0 | Last update: 11. November 2019

Dry Compartment


Dry Compartment

3D printed parts

All STL files are already oriented for generating g-code with your favorite software. Check part list on the right side of this page for best printing results.

Amethyst AUV Enclosure - Print parts

How manyNameSTL file name
2x End cap A1_Sl1_2X_v1.stl
16x Plug A1_Sl2_16x_v1.stl



Dry Compartment

Non printed parts

Amethyst AUV Enclosure - All parts

How manyNameWhere to buy
1x Acrylic Tube 200x90x(84 inner)mm search internet
4x 70x3 mm O-rings search internet

Amethyst AUV Epoxy Kit

1x Epoxy glue set - we use non fast curing, clear epoxy. Please check our eco guide before using this chemicals.



Dry Compartment

Dry compartment assembly

1. Epoxy plugs to end caps

Amethyst AUV Enclosure - Epoxy End Caps

Use epoxy and glue plugs to end cap´s holes. Holes in plugs should stay free for wires we will insert later.


2. Watertight completation with O-rings

Amethyst AUV Enclosure - Sealing

Before fitting the o-rings on the bung of end cap, apply bit of silicone grease on them to lubricate them and let the end cap plunge more easily in to acrylic tube. If you dont´d have silicon grease, you could improvise and use some greasy cream or so. When you insert end cap bung in to tube with O-rings in grooves attached, you schould see that both o-rings are leaning tight against side of acrylic tube. O-ring shoud be bit sqeezed against side of tube around their entire circumference. If they not, pull out the end cap, turn 45 degrees an put it in again. If this will not help, you should check dimensions of O-rings / acrylic tube and / or inproove your 3D printer settings for end cap parts correction print out.


Wires through end cap

Amethyst AUV Enclosure - Wires

Push need wires through endcap plugs and seal them with epoxy. Plugs that your project doesn´t need seal as blind by epoxy too.