Amethyst AUV Documentation

Craft´s last version: Amethyst AUV A1 V1.0 | Docs last update: 28. 12. 2019

Its great that you decided to step into this project. As we all know underwater robotic is one of most challenging robotic disciplines out there, while oceans, seas, lakes and rivers still giving great piece of unknown to be explored. If this mix of challenge and exploration promise somehow resonating in you, well, you are on the right spot. If you start make this project and finish it, you will be rewarded with oportunity to get further in to water depths and your abilities as maker as well.

This docummentation gives you all you need to successfully print and assembly your new robotic platform.


What is required

Ordinary 3D Printer with build volume of 130x130x130mm minimum
At least 2 kg of filament (3 kg is better for a case, specialy when you want to print in high detail with great infill wich is recomended) Recyclable and watertight PETG or biodegradable PLA is sugested.


Tools and misc

- Marine type epoxy glue
- Hex and basic screwdriver
- Pliers and splitters
- Soldering Iron and solder



This documentation book is released under the CC-NC-SA 4.0 License.