Amethyst AUV Electronics

Please note that accessories at this page are listed only for reference. I listed them because I use them in ongoing development, but current setup is not mature enough to confirm that everything will work as it should.

List updated: 22. 8. 2019

Basic electronic setup

    • Amethyst AUV Compass
    • Raspberry Pi ZERO

      Usual Raspi Zero. WLAN version is not necessary.

    • Amethyst AUV Compass
    • Arduino MEGA Pro Mini

      Its even smaller version of MEGA Pro. MEGA Pro Mini has no USB connector and it can operate only under 5 volts - no 3.3V pins. It can be flashed using easy to make adapter. Amethyst in current configuration using two of them.

    • Amethyst Power Hub
    • Power Distribution Board

      With BEC 5V & 12V.

    • Amethyst AUV Voltage Sensor
    • AMP 2.8 Power Module with 5.3 DC BEC

      Used for Pixhawk controller by fly drones. Amethyst use this as voltage and current sensor.

    • Amethyst AUV ESC Speed Controller
    • BlHeli-S type ESC

      Speed controller. Lots of brands produce them. Check before buy if its able to be programmed to spin brushless motor in both directions. 20A type is enought. 

    • Amethyst AUV Radio
    • 433Mhz HC-12 Sl4463 Radio

      Wireless serial communication between Amethyst AUV and remote controller.

    • Amethyst AUV Antenna
    • 433Mhz Antenna RF SMA - U.FL

      Extenal antenna for HC-12 radio module. They are in various shapes and in various lenghts. Should be exactly 433Mhz. Take those with U.FL female connector on "pigtail" cable. Check guide here.

    • Amethyst AUV GPS Module
    • NEO-6M GPS Module

      With connector for external active antenna - important!

    • Amethyst AUV GPS Antenna
    • 3M Car GPS Active Antenna

      With SMA connector. Check the connector type to fit counterpart on GPS module.

    • Amethyst AUV Compass
    • Digital Compass - HMC5883L

      I2C Digital compass standart.

    • Amethyst AUV Depth Sensor
    • Water tight preasure sensor - MS5540C

      Depth sensor

    • Amethyst AUV Ultrasonic Sensor
    • JSN-SR04T Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor

      Car spare part with serial connection. It come as set of sensor and board.