Amethyst AUV Electronics

Accessories at this page are optional. Use of those parts depending exclusively on your goals, preference, budget or creativity, but if you use them, you are sure they will work together with Amethyst concept.

List updated: 22. 8. 2019

Basic electronic setup

    • Amethyst AUV Compass
    • Raspberry Pi ZERO

      Usual Raspi Zero. WLAN version is not necessary.

    • Amethyst AUV Compass
    • Arduino MEGA Pro Mini

      Its even smaller version of MEGA Pro. MEGA Pro Mini has no USB connector and it can operate only under 5 volts - no 3.3V pins. It can be flashed using easy to make adapter. Amethyst in current configuration using two of them.

    • Amethyst Power Hub
    • Power Distribution Board

      With BEC 5V & 12V.

    • Amethyst AUV Voltage Sensor
    • AMP 2.8 Power Module with 5.3 DC BEC

      Used for Pixhawk controller by fly drones. Amethyst use this as voltage and current sensor.

    • Amethyst AUV ESC Speed Controller
    • BlHeli-S type ESC

      Speed controller. Lots of brands produce them. Check before buy if its able to be programmed to spin brushless motor in both directions. 20A type is enought. 

    • Amethyst AUV Radio
    • 433Mhz HC-12 Sl4463 Radio

      Wireless serial communication between Amethyst AUV and remote controller.

    • Amethyst AUV Antenna
    • 433Mhz Antenna RF SMA - U.FL

      Extenal antenna for HC-12 radio module. They are in various shapes and in various lenghts. Should be exactly 433Mhz. Take those with U.FL female connector on "pigtail" cable. Check guide here.

    • Amethyst AUV GPS Module
    • NEO-6M GPS Module

      With connector for external active antenna - important!

    • Amethyst AUV GPS Antenna
    • 3M Car GPS Active Antenna

      With SMA connector. Check the connector type to fit counterpart on GPS module.

    • Amethyst AUV Compass
    • Digital Compass - HMC5883L

      I2C Digital compass standart.

    • Amethyst AUV Depth Sensor
    • Water tight preasure sensor - MS5540C

      Depth sensor

    • Amethyst AUV Ultrasonic Sensor
    • JSN-SR04T Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor

      Car spare part with serial connection. It come as set of sensor and board.