Amethyst AUV Docs 2.0

Version 2.0 | Last update: 24. 03. 2020

Download Amethyst AUV Platform STL files HERE



What is required

Ordinary 3D Printer with build volume of 130x130x130mm minimum
At least 2 kg of filament (3 kg is better for a case, specialy when you want to print in high detail with great infill wich is recomended) Recyclable and watertight PETG or biodegradable PLA is sugested.


Tools and misc

- Marine type epoxy glue
- Hex and basic screwdriver
- Pliers and splitters
- Soldering Iron and solder


3D printing of Amethyst parts

 Please read this article: 3D printing of water proof objects for underwater applications


Components list

Check out which components are must as basis for Amethyst AUV Platform build: HERE



This documentation book is released under the CC-NC-SA 4.0 License.