Amethyst AUV Essential parts

While Amethyst is universal platform which can be extensively customised, there are some accessories which are virtually integrated in to the design by their exact proportions. Its brushless motor, servo, o-rings and 26650 Li-Ion batteries. These four exact parts you should buy to start your build upon open source files. Special part is acrylic tube, wich can be from other materials or even 3D printed, but exact dimensions of tube are must be respected. 

List updated: 28. 12. 2019

Basic setup essentials

    • Amethyst AUV Brushless Motor
    • Brushless Motor

      Amethyst AUV Platform now using these cheapest Chinese motors. There are plenty of producers out there and unfortunately not all of the motors are then identical - in therms of diameters and quality of wiring. Here is one of proven sellers at AliExpress providing these motors with good price and quality guaranteed. link

    • Amethyst AUV Servo
    • Servo

      This is most common and most cheapest servo you can find. We use them for dive planes and rudder. Their quality and power of 9g is just ok.

    • Amethyst AUV O-rings
    • 85x2 O-Rings

      Used to water tight dry compartment. For one acrylic tube 2 o-rings are needed.

      Use internet to find your local vendor

    • Amethyst AUV Tube
    • Acrylic or aluminium tube

      Dimension of 300x90x(84inner) mm. Acrylic is beter for use with internal camera. Aluminium will allow greater depths.

      Use internet to find your local vendor

    • Amethyst AUV Brushless Motor
    • 26650 Li-Ion Batteries

      Amethyst has pack of 6 battery cells. Type of battery is essential, capacity and brand is up to your preferences.